What do we want?

A notorious thief once stole a goat from a distant village, kept it his home and after three days instructed his wife to take the goat to a distant market and have it sold off. At the market, the wife tied the goat to a pole and left to cut fresh leaves to feed it. On returning, she observed unusual Read more

Between Quakers and Other Beggars with Choices

Supposedly, the word “martyr” derives from a Greek word which translates to “witness”. It describes people who lose their lives due to persecution or great injustice on account of their faith convictions. A martyr is not one who in obedience to a sectarian dogma denies oneself the rights to life by rejecting helps of non-sect members even as others are Read more

It Could Be You

In “Evil Men”, Miranda Twiss chronicles the manifestation of true evil in the lives of the most dangerous ten men in a recent human history. In x-raying the in-depths profiles of those who for their own sinister purposes have used power to torture, kill, maim and eradicate millions of people, Twiss concludes that the general assumption that “what goes around Read more

The Man Beneath the Skull Cap

Being a Text Commentary on the Consecration & Installation of Most Rev. Dr. Peter Nworie Chukwu as the Catholic Bishop of Abakaliki Diocese   On Tuesday, July 6, 2021, the entire Catholic Community in Ebonyi State and beyond was thrown into wild jubilations as the news broke that the Holy See has elected Very Rev. Msgr. Dr. Peter Nworie Chukwu Read more