The Jackals and the Fools Who Sell their Anger

  1. At that time in 2014 when Nigerians were already boiling with anger that could roast yams, a group of strange bedfellows gathered and struck an evil alliance to buy up people’s anger with a promise of purging the nation of the evils done by the PDP. For 16 years, the PDP had raped Nigeria from vintage openings bequeathing a political culture that agglutinated with the evil structures laid by Union Jack and ethno-military rule designating Nigeria permanently as a place without future.

The APC while devoting energy to win election forgot to draw leadership template. As an alliance of angry and embittered people, her sole intention was to wrestle power. Desperate to win, the party’s presidential flag landed on the bewildered laps of ethno-chauvinistic septuagenarian, who immediately after winning election, not knowing want to do, beamed his ethnic countenance and through appointments and words waved revenge and ethno-religious flag quickly decoded by his men.

What is more dangerous to a nation than her power falling on people without brain! With party flags in the hands of ethnic and religious fanatics, it becomes a symbol to extract revenge and to fulfill a pious religious obligation, jihad. The supreme victims are ordinary Nigerians who are caught up at the other side of their intention. The country’s economy went on its knees; hunger still bites; workers got relieved of duty as companies shut down operations. Those who returned to farming were sent to untimely graves by marauding herdsmen and their burial ground overtaken too by occupying jihadists.

After 38 months in office, the present regime can only boast of bloodshed, stealing Nigeria from all Nigerians and turning all those who were sincere to liars. How could one explain a regime that turned full-fledged pastors to career liars? The Vice President, Yemi Osibanjo is a senior pastor of the Redeemed Church of God. Femi Adesina was/is plying his holy trade with the Four Square Gospel Church and remains an executive member of Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship. But the twin brothers have been reduced to witches in Shakespearean literature. The daughter of the latter only recently wept bitterly after reading comments on social media attacking a man who should be her proud father.

Because evil carries within a seed of self destruction, the party ran into crisis. Sad for her, the man, Adams Oshiomole, elected to repair the party’s leaking roof succeeded in opening more leakages and cracking her floor. Just as a mad man who is appointed a bus conductor dies in excitement waving at people, Adams jumped into party bus with an aggression of fabled fame pugilist, wasting punches outside the ring. He test-ran his power with cabinet members and before one could say ‘Dino’, the angel of darkness had passed over and the impending exodus consummated.

Mock the APC if you like, but the current gale of defection is calculated to serve an elitist purpose, namely, to retain power. Unfortunately, Nigerians who sell their anger every four years to a willing faction of our oppressors are at it again. At the end of elections, these poor masses will return to their groaning table and with android on their hands share the psychological pride of having their party in power again.

Understandably, it stands to be true that anyone who is not Buhari will be better than Buhari in 2019. I had written earlier that queuing up to vote out current regime is a compulsory pilgrimage which all Nigerians irrespective of tribe or religion ought to embark on. Not even the promise of Igbo presidency in 2023 after him is plausible enough to vote him in again; after all no one gives power to his enemy.

But it is easier giving a mad man a cutlass than collecting it back. There are facts to submit that unless more things change, the Daura semi-god is likely to tell Nigerians on June 12, 2019, his usual lies of belonging to everyone and to no one.

The problem with Nigeria remains structure. The people who have power to change it are unfortunately the highest beneficiaries. The new found brides didn’t defect to protest the massacre of IPOB, killings in the land and the similar. No, the defectors just need to retain their seats and return Nigeria to elitist route already familiar to us. The fools who wait for change are those who expecting different results while insisting on the same method. Should this regime eventually fall, it will still be a return of the jackals.