Winter in the Church

At first, the church was confronted with the question of allowing every type of public sinner to attend her services. Arguments swirled left and right, each backed up by biblical paragraphs. Some said we are not God who judges; others said we are warned against scandalising little ones. Before RevolutionNow could start, public sinners got mixed up with the Church. Read more

Ebonyi Hotels

Time of reckoning! It’s worth it that after Gov Elechi’s ‘Thank You Visit’ to local councils in Ebonyi state, Dragnet beams its floodlight on Ebonyi streets, public institutions, offices, agencies, local council areas; and of course the personal staff of Gov Elechi before their quit the juicy seats come July 31, 2013. What truths have governors’ boys been hiding from Read more

Like Judas Like Nigerian Politicians

The story of a Nigerian politician is the story of Judas, of betrayal. Judas is the patron saint of Nigerian politicians, a progenitor of Original Betrayal. Nigeria politics is an industry of betrayal, squander, and failure. In Judas every greedy Nigeria politician is implicated. Nigerian Politicians do not betray because Judas betrayed. Rather, whenever they betray they do what Judas Read more