WITNESSING TO CHRIST IN AN E-AGE: The Vigilance of the Pastor

Being A Paper Presented At the Ministers’ Prayer  Retreat Organized By Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN), Ebonyi State Chapter, this day, Friday July 5, 2013 at Assemblies of God Church, no. 4 Ezza Road, Abakaliki By Fr. Felix-Uche Akam   1.0          Introduction More than ever, Nigerians live in a world that is not just sexually charged, politically tensed, criminally attractive Read more

BAKASSI- Esau’s Porridge

Man enjoys without effort a natural disposition towards war. Peace is attained and maintained only with discipline. The history of man is a history of wars. A study made by a learned Professor of Brussels on wars from 1496 B. C to A. D 1861, a period equivalent to 3, 357 years revealed that of those 3, 357 years, there Read more

Rough Path of a Nation

The Making of a Nation No doubt, European colonialism destroyed Africa’s legitimate institutions and structures of authority. The initial military triumph of European power over the local rulers was itself enough of a strain on the historical prestige of indigenous monarchies and institutions of governance. That triumph was followed by decades of European over-lordship with policies deliberately calculated to retard Read more