Each Gives What He Has

During the Cold War, Germany was divided into East and West Berlin separated by an iron curtain, otherwise known as the Berlin Wall. As victims of communist ideology that excluded religion, one day, some people in East Berlin took a truck load of garbage and dumped it on the West Berlin side. The people of West Berlin could have done the Read more

Winter in the Church

At first, the church was confronted with the question of allowing every type of public sinner to attend her services. Arguments swirled left and right, each backed up by biblical paragraphs. Some said we are not God who judges; others said we are warned against scandalising little ones. Before RevolutionNow could start, public sinners got mixed up with the Church. Read more

Rest in Peace, Privacy

Are there audio or video calls and recordings; personal biometric data; phone sms, social media chats or comments; shared and/or viewed articles, sites, photos or videos which you are worried of falling into the wrong hands or leaking to the public? “If you have something you don’t want anyone to know, may be you shouldn’t be doing it in the Read more

Ojiji Izhi Festival

In one of his famous lines, Edmund Burke insists that ‘People will never look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.’ The attempt to modernize an African without consulting his cultural continuities has backfired. Things are not working; institutions of governance and morals are decaying, structures rust as if the ancestors have pronounced the curse of cultural Read more

Nnamdi Kanu and Nigerian Image

Recently, the world watched Thailand with great admiration as she battled to rescue 12 boys trapped in a cave in Chaing Rai province on June 23, 2018, during a football expedition that went wrong. The Wild Boars Academy boys, ages ranging from 11 to 16, were on expedition that included initiation rites planned to last less than an hour with Read more

Is There No Hope At All?

Rather than pay a tax he suspected was being used to expand slave-holding territories, Henry David Thoreau opted for a jail during the Mexican War. His friend, Waldo Ralph Emerson was a convinced opponent of slavery too. Hearing that Henry had been jailed for refusing to pay a small tax, Waldo visited him in prison angrily demanding: “Henry, why are Read more